Jal Sutra

This "JAL SUTRA" is for all of us, Citizens and Municipal Corporations, which has been jointly formulated by IIT Alumni, Deputy Director (Maharashtra Nature Park) and participants of Rain-water Harvesting seminars to augment our water supply and raise the city's ground-water table. "Jal Sutra" aims at capturing and maximising the naturally occurring gift from God. The rainfall that we receive is a whopping 2.3M (typically) every year - at no cost.

The citizens of Mumbai keep receiving supply of about 2900 MLD of pure filtered water, grossly under priced - insignificant for most of us. We have been guilty of undermining the value received by expending, in parts, 230 Lt/day in toilets, for washing cars and for gardening. This extravagantly wasteful expenditure cannot continue for much longer.

For Greater Bombay Municipal Corporation

  1. Enable rain-water to be harvested by allowing it to percolate into the ground instead of running off into the sea.
    1. Percolation takes place by drilling "holes" and creating recharge pits all along the sides of drains and draining channels at regular intervals.
    2. Percolation "holes" have to be drilled in all cemented compounds, private and public places to direct the rain-water runoff deep into the ground below.
    3. Revive all existing wells in the region independent of their potability.
    4. Engage in massive tree plantation across the city, even where only one tree can be planted. It is said that the father of rain is the tree!

  2. Stop 'leakages' on a war footing - this might mean regularising connections where otherwise 'users' are tampering with the pipelines.

  3. Impose a tariff with increasing water usage - minimum charges for, say 100 Lt./day, and rising in slabs thereafter.

  4. Promote re-cycling of water for non-drinking applications, like gardening,etc.

For the Citizens

In the Kitchen
The Bathrooms and Toilets

(About 75% of domestic water-usage occurs in our bathrooms, and toilets cause the single greatest expense of water.)

The Garden The Hotels & Restaurants (Don't Sit Back and Just Let Things Happen! )

An informed and committed citizen can become a powerful agent in support of environmentally concerned political leaders, and even by themselves provide an impetus and catalyst on environmental issues. You can make a difference!

Educate your children and your friends. Environmental problems cannot be solved in a single generation. Our children and their children will have to carry the torch.

Appropriate Technology Mission of India
(An initiative by panIIT Alumni & Faculty)
email: daffy@jalsangrah.org
website: www.jalsangrah.org