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Message from Shri Rajendra Singh, Magsaysay awardee and waterman of India:

After the Ganga Azadi Adhiveshan at Gahmar (near Varanasi, on June 2-3,) and at Kolkata on August 15-17, the Ganga Jal Biradari, across the nation, pledged to work for Ganga Azadi this August 15th. The essence of this pledge is to liberate all our rivers (and water bodies) from pollution, encroachment and obstacles in their natural flow. We pledge to co-operate with and support the appropriate Government Agencies in this endeavour. Failing adequate Government action on this grave and vital issue by August 15, 2010, we, the nature-loving citizens of India, will take charge of our rivers and water bodies across the country and proceed to restore their freedom. After 63 years of independence and the esclating deterioration till date, the Government will be allowed only one more year of inaction and neglect.

With this in mind, a 3-day workshop has been organized at Tarun Bharat Sangh (Bhikampura, near Jaipur) during Sept 10-12,’09, to formulate a strategy and plan of action for the next 12 months. An orientation program will be held (Sept 10/11) for creating awareness of the salient aspects of rivers in the common citizen ie aam aadmi. Parallely, a “Train the trainers” program will be conducted for empowering water warriors with a skill-set to activate her/his local community. On Sep12th, all participants will jointly deliberate and finalise the country-wide road map for rejuvenating and restoring the pristine purity of the Ganga, first. And subsequently, all the other rivers, streams, lakes, tanks, ponds, talaos, pukurs, jheels et al.

The objective is to set up a national network linking all water warriors and enable synergy at all levels. All are welcome who want to protect their grand-children’s ecological assets, due to them from their fore-fathers. TBS will host everyone at no cost. Details will be available on registration.

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Sd/- Rajendra Singh
President, Tarun Bharat Sangh