Remediation of Heavy Metals is the most advanced feature of BIOSANITIZER. Arsenic contamination is affecting large areas in UP, Bihar and West Bengal. Cancer and skin problems are known to arise due to Arsenic.

Two samples were tested using BIOSANITIZER by a reputed NGO in Kolkata and the results are tabulated below.

BIOSANITIZER treatment requires some carbon that can come from COD. In water that has no food, BIOSANITIZER needs an access to air. This is why the results were better when the water sample was exposed to air, during the treatment.

Table 1
(lid closed)
(lid open for 5 days)
raw watertreated watertreated watertreated water
pH - 6.576.666.907.90
Fe - 0.800.100.190.31
As - 0.700.300.18
below 0.01

Table 2
-raw watertreated water
NO3 - N13.40.31

SWID and SAFE are labs. All values ( except pH ) are in ppm .